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Are you a nature lover who would love to have stone tiles in your house rather than tiles made from synthetic material? Stone Tile Guys will help you make your home look beautiful with natural stone tiles. Natural Stone is formed from minerals; using natural stone Stone Tile Guys create unique, varied and ultimately incomparable stone tiles. Our stone tiles are available in different types which include; marble, slate and quartzite, travertine and many others. Customers can choose the stone tiles that best suit their taste and situation. Call us on 888-488-1956 to learn more about our other stone tile varieties and get free advice on how to choose the stone tile that is best for you.


Stone tile selection

Stone Tile Guys offers natural stone tiles in a wide variety of colours and textures. N atural stone tiles are distinct and unique: no two pieces are exactly the same and can even be vastly different. It is important sort and view several pieces of the stone that is to be installed before the installation begins. This should however not scare you since variations in natural stone are to be expected and embraced. Irregular markings, lines, veins and crystallization are not cracks or imperfections, but rather a natural part of the stone's beauty. Natural stones vary in thickness, texture and hardness with some having perfectly smooth surface while others have straight edges and corners. Stone selection is the first thing that you should do so as to help us prepare the stone tiles you need; however, you do not have to worry since our experts will be with you through the selection to guide you and help you choose the exact stone that you want and one that will suit your situation. Call us on 888-488-1956 for free consultation and advice on choosing the right stone tiles for your home or office.


Stone tile supply and delivery

Stone Tile Guys is the largest stone tile supplier in the region, we supply stone tiles to contractors and home owners who are constructing their new home or who want to remodel their homes. We have large trucks that can carry loads of stone tiles and deliver them to your desired destination. We also have qualified drivers who are trained to safely drive and deliver stone tile to different customers in the area. When you place an order of Stone Tile Guys stone tiles, we will deliver your order to you at the agreed day and time at a fee.

Call us on 888-488-1956.

By offering unparalleled service and a dynamic selection of products, Stone Tile Guys is one of the most comprehensive sources for interior and natural stone exterior products that

include decorative accents and mosaics, cut-to-size stone, setting materials, and custom manufactured products made to your specifications. Call us to learn more about our services and products on 888-488-1956.

Why choose stone tiles

Stone tiles not only make your home look elegant and unique but they are also very rare thus they make your office or home stand out. If you want to give you office or home a unique and classy look, then stone tile is what you should choose. Call us on 888-488-1956. And we will help you transform your home or office into what you have always dreamt of.

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